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Our lives can be hectic. Maybe you’ve been working all day and you haven't had time to get many carbohydrates in your system. Or maybe you’ve already worked out, and now your attention turns to refuelling for the next bout to exercise. Step up, Maltodextrin a complex carbohydrate or glucose polymer derived from the starch of corn, rice, or potato. These ingredients are often boiled with added enzymes to help break down the starch content.

This carbohydrate provides your body with an easily digested quick supply of glycogen. Perfect for intra workout or post workout carbs. Maltodextrin is a common ingredient used in many foods, and you may have even seen it on the back of your favourite sweet packets. Being a pure carbohydrate allows maltodextrin to pack a punch, including 46.5g of carbs and 192 calories per 50g serving. Providing a quick release of energy maltodextrin is also vegetarian and vegan-friendly and a perfect companion to any protein shake for added oomph.


Although Maltodextrin is referred as glucose or sugar as well as a complex carbohydrate, it doesn't taste sweet like dextrose. However, don't let that make that change your mind, as it's used by elite endurance athletes worldwide for a reason. THE PROTEIN WORKS™ Maltodextrin is often the go-to mass gainer, and carbohydrate powder for powerlifters, bodybuilders and endurance athletes.

The fast absorbing high GI carbohydrates perform very well post workout and target muscles that have become depleted during high-intensity workouts. Carbohydrates have actually been found to contribute towards the maintenance of normal brain function and the recovery of normal muscle function after high intensive exercise, so are ideal if you're an avid gym-goer. Adding Maltodextrin also replenishes glycogen stores, and provides you with that well-needed energy boost, helping you power through the toughest of days.


Maltodextrin Powder can be used by anyone in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet. Used by individuals looking to gain muscle mass by adding convenient calories or endurance athletes looking to fuel their long sessions. Being able to rapidly feed exhausted muscles following hard intense workouts, is exactly why both strength and endurance athletes have added maltodextrin to their supplement stack. Selected from only the very best sources, so it provides you with only the very best nutrition, maltodextrin powder by TPW™ can help you kick start and enhance the recovery process.


As Maltodextrin can be used for both post workout and intra-workout, therefore the best time to take Maltodextrin really does depend on how you wish to use it. If using it in your post-workout simply add it to one of our exclusive whey protein products for the ultimate recovery product.

If using it as an intra-workout the maximum amount of carbohydrate our body can absorb is 60g/hour. Any more and our body struggles (excessive carb intake during exercise could lead to an upset stomach).

For those looking for some advanced nutrition techniques, combine maltodextrin to fructose powder at a 1:1 ratio. This has been shown to increase carbohydrate absorption to 90g/hour (don't tell your competitors about that one).


Maltodextrin is surprisingly versatile and allows you to add it to any TPW™ protein shakes to suit your palate. Not only will this allow you to absorb the carbohydrates quickly but other important nutrients from the shake will also be absorbed and administered to your muscles. With it being relatively flavourless, Maltodextrin can be added to anything, without it overpowering any other awesome flavours and if you want to consume it straight we advise to add one large scoop with either water or juice for optimal results.


You should buy Maltodextrin if you're wanting to increase your carbohydrate intake and energy levels quickly before or after working out or taking part in physical activity. Maltodextrin is the ideal accomplice to athletes looking to gain mass through carbohydrates and glucose. With TPW™ you can have supreme confidence in every product that leaves our warehouse, and maltodextrin is no exception. The powder itself has been trialled and tested by an in-house nutritionist, including the traceability, quality and consistency before it is given TPW™ seal of approval.

Our Maltodextrin powder is just one of the many Carbohydrate powders in our range. To see our full range - check out our carbohydrate powder category


Values based on: 50g serving
Energy (kJ) 803
Energy (kcal) 192
Carbohydrates (g) 46.5
of which Sugars (g) 46.5


Serving Size: 50g (one large heaped scoop) of Maltodextrin

Add the required amount of water or fruit juice to your TPW™ Master Blender. Add 1 large heaped scoop (approx 50g), shake and consume.

Adjust your intake accordingly to meet your specific needs.

Combining Maltodextrin with Dextrose

Latest consensus in sports nutrition suggests consuming a 50/50 blend (1:1 ratio) of Dextrose and Maltodextrin creates the perfect post workout shake. The differing absorption rates of Dextrose and Maltodextrin means your stomach can digest and process the two more efficiently than either on their own - optimizing glycogen replenishment, hydration and performance.