Orders not delivered to Customer

If a pre-paid order is returned to FITMAX24 for reasons not attributable to FITMAX24 or the forwarder, FITMAX24 will refund the amount paid, less shipping and return costs. Prepaid orders are those paid by Credit Card, PayPal, ATM or Bank Transfer.


The customer may choose to reimburse the original payment method or via a reimbursement coupon that may be used in a future order. The coupon will be valid for 12 months from the date it was created. After this period, there will be no refund. In case the original payment has been made by Multibanco or Bank Transfer, the customer will have to provide the bank details for the refund to be made.


If the reason for the delivery is not achieved and return of the order is the responsibility of the freight forwarder, regardless of the payment method chosen, the customer will have to send us a written complaint that will be analyzed by the freight forwarder. If the problem with the delivery was caused by an incorrect or incomplete address, we ask that the customer attach proof of address (eg. electricity, water or gas) to the claim.


The solution that FITMAX24 will present to the customer will depend on the answer given by the freight forwarder. Thus, in cases of complaints originated by the transport service, we can only present a solution to the customer after we have received a response from the freight forwarder. If the freight forwarder accepts full responsibility for the return of the order and if all the items originally ordered are available, we will suggest to the customer the return without additional costs. If the original order has been paid by Credit Card, PayPal, ATM or Bank Transfer, instead of a replacement order, the customer may opt for the refund. If the freight forwarder does not accept responsibility, we cannot accept the claim, which means that the refund or replacement order will be subject to the above mentioned terms of orders returned for reasons not attributable to FITMAX24 or the forwarder.


Cancellation of Orders


The customer can only cancel their order if it has not yet been paid and is not yet in processing. If so, you only must access your account, click on "Customer Account" and select the "Orders" option, the customer should select the order that you want to cancel and in the "Order Details" column, click on the Cancel order button. Once the order has been canceled, you will be presented with a confirmation message.


Cancellation of orders is only possible through the process referred to above. Any request made by other means cannot be answered.




If you wish to return one or more items, you may do so within 14 days of receiving the order, provided that the products are intact, sealed, complete and in the original packaging, which cannot be damaged, altered or scratched. The customer must ensure that the item (s) returned arrives at our premises within 28 days of delivery.


To exercise your right of return, the customer should contact our Customer Service, specify the order number, description or reference of the product (s) he / she intends to return and what form of reimbursement he / she wishes. The refund can be made through the original payment method or through a reimbursement coupon, which has a validity of 12 months from the date of its issue. At the end of this period there will be no further reimbursement.


The customer will also have to consider if the product that he / she intends to return was acquired within the scope of some promotional campaign and if, for that reason, he / she benefited from some product of offer. If this is the case, you should return not only the product in question, but also the offer you have been given with your purchase. Both products must comply with the above guidelines.


It is only possible to return a pack in its entirety. If the customer wishes to return a product belonging to a pack, he must return all the products that constitute the same pack. All products must comply with the above guidelines.


The client must send us the article (s) to the following address:


San Francisco Street, 786, CE Warehouse, Doroana Park. 2645-079 Alcabideche.

The return of incomplete, damaged or scratched products, as well as products without the original packaging and / or label, or products with signs of having been used, will not be accepted.


Returns will also not be accepted for products that have an expiration date of less than one month, underwear or swimwear, or offers or products redeemed by Max Rewards.


If we receive an item under the conditions mentioned above or with the shipping label affixed directly to the packaging, the customer will lose the right to be reimbursed and will have 10 days to collect the item (s) at our premises, bearing the collection costs




The customer must return the article (s), request the respective refund and make a new purchase. The entire return process is duly described in the item RETURNS.



Refund Methods


FITMAX24 will do its best to reimburse the customer quickly, however, safeguarding a maximum period of 15 days from the receipt of the return in our warehouses.


If the payment was made by credit card, the refund will be made on the card itself and will appear in the next extract from it. *


If the payment has been made by Paypal, the refund will be credited to the respective Paypal account, being made available immediately. *


If the payment has been made by Multibanco, the customer will be asked to provide us with the account data for which you want the refund amount to be transferred. *


* The payment methods mentioned above are not available for all countries. To find out which payment methods are available for the customer's country, read the information provided above under "Payment Methods".


The customer can also choose to be reimbursed through a discount coupon, regardless of the original payment method. The coupon will be valid for 12 months from the date it was created. After this period, there will be no refund.



Refund Shipping Costs


If the reason for the return of the order has been the responsibility of FITMAX24, we will reimburse the respective shipping costs (eg. defective or different products ordered).


However, if only one item has a problem in a multiple product order, we will not refund shipping costs.



Product Information


We strictly follow all necessary procedures to ensure that all details, descriptions and prices of the products presented on the site are correct. However, there may be situations where product information, including pricing and promotion, has not been properly published. In these cases, we reserve the right not to proceed with orders with these products. If the customer places an order for these products, the Customer Support team will contact you and inform you that it is impossible to proceed with the process.


Orders may also not be sent for other reasons, such as:


  • product out of stock;
  • inability to obtain payment authorization;
  • order considered fraudulent.
  • All products, campaigns, promotions and offers are limited to the physical stock available and / or units stipulated for the campaign.